Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Testimonial Singapore


Looking for a place to buy the best robotic swimming pool cleaner in Singapore? Look no further than Pool Robot Singapore. We are an authorized dealer and distributor of Dolphin Automatic Robotic swimming pool cleaners by Maytronics in Singapore.  Through the partnership, we have been able to deliver high quality, efficient and affordable Dolphin robotic swimming pool cleaners to a huge number of pool owners across Singapore. And, we have no doubt about this because, of the positive testimonials that we continue to receive from customers.

The satisfaction of our customers has always been a key priority in every product that we offer.  The following are some of the testimonials that we have received from those who have acquired Dolphin robotic swimming pool cleaners from us;

The Best Quality Always

This is the second time I am buying a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner from Pool Connect Singapore and, honestly, I have no doubt about the quality of their products. The first pool cleaner that I bought was for my home pool and, since then I have not experienced a single hitch using it. Last month, I bought another model; Dolphin M5 for my business; a spa and so far, am enjoying its performance. Unlike the other models that I have used in the past, the Dolphin has proven an efficient and reliable automated pool cleaner that I would recommend to any pool owner. – Chun Hwee

User-friendly robotic swimming pool cleaners

After struggling with my manual pool cleaner for the past three months, a friend suggested that I try out the Dolphin Liberty cordless robotic pool cleaner from Pool Connect Singapore. Just from the look of the design, I fell in love with the pool cleaner. Despite the small size and compact construction, this robotic swimming pool cleaner has made my life much easier and enjoyable when it comes to cleaning the pool. Another great feature of the Liberty cordless robotic pool cleaner that I like is the remote control. Now, I no longer have to get my hands dirty anymore but simply set up the machine and sit back as it moves around the pool, clearing all the dirt, debris, algae and bacteria. – Kenny Lee 

Quick delivery

Last year, I ordered a product online from one of the dealers in Singapore and I was very disappointed because it took weeks to get it delivered despite having indicated how urgent I needed it. Last month, I ordered a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner from Pool Connect Singapore and, to my surprise, it was delivered the following day even though I did not need the product in such a haste. And, even the people who did the delivery were very friendly in the way they related with us.  I am truly impressed with how reliable your services are and would never hesitate to buy another robotic swimming pool from your company. – Wee Teck

Dolphin robotic swimming pool cleaners are the best

I operate a chain of spas in the capital city and has over the years been having a lot issues with my swimming pool cleaning service providers. I pay them so much money but, every time they work on the pool, there is never any significant change. When I talked to Pool Connect Singapore, they advised I try out the Dolphin brand of commercial robotic swimming pool cleaners. It is four months now since I started using Dolphin CL and, there has been a huge improvement on my pool and even customer experience. My pools are constantly clean, there is very little maintenance incurred and even my customers are impressed with the hygienic conditions of my pools. Thank you Pool Connect! – Danny Poh 

Impeccable Customer Service

I have had good customer service from several stores in Singapore but, I must say, Pool Connect Singapore offers the best. The first time I interacted with the company was three weeks ago, making an inquiry about the available residential robotic swimming pool cleaners. My call was received at once and the lady on the other end was very friendly and responded to all my questions appropriately. As she promised, the company called me back the following day to discuss about the quotation and when I wanted to receive the product. On the day of the delivery, the company’s representatives showed me how to operate the machine and even a few maintenance tips at no additional cost. Keep it up guys! – Alvin Lee

Very innovative robotic swimming pool cleaners

Although the model that I bought is somehow heavier that I have to call for help to put it in the pool, it works just perfect.  I have used pressure and manual swimming pool cleaners before and, even combined, they still cannot match the performance of the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner. Its smaller size incorporates advanced technologies that make the whole task of pool cleaning easy, effective and enjoyable. The cleaner has its own filtration, pool scanning and scrubbing systems, which deliver excellent results in every application. The remote control option is another great innovation that makes this device one of a kind in swimming pool cleaning. Try it out and see for yourself! – Vishva

The perfect pool cleaner for all swimming pool shapes and sizes

Before I started using the Liberty cordless robotic swimming pool, my kids always kept complaining of leaves and debris in the pool although cleaning was done regularly. At first, I did not take them seriously and did the cleaning by myself. One thing I realized is that the pool cleaner I had been using previously was unable to access some parts of the pool, leaving behind dirt and debris.  The Dolphin cordless robotic pool cleaner has helped solve the mess since it can maneuver every section of the pool walls, floor and waterline. In fact, this is the ultimate swimming pool cleaner for every pool design. – Tan Chee Kin

Saves me time and energy

Cleaning the swimming pool is one of those tasks that I have always tried to avoid, mainly because of the amount of time and effort that it requires. But, this was until I started using the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner. Unlike any other brand of robotic swimming pool cleaner that I have used before, the Dolphin is quite fast and efficient. Instead of spending long hours moving around the pool, I can now simply place program the cleaner, set it in the pool and go on with my activities as it does the cleaning. With this machine, I can now clean my pool whenever I want and with the least effort. – Douglas Matthews

I like the separate filtration system

Although the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner has a myriad of features, its separate filtration system is a unique invention that I really like. It makes the task even much easier and simple because, I now do not have to rely on the filter of my swimming pool in order to conduct cleaning. The device has its own cartridge filters to sieve all the debris and leaves from the water. Besides, the separate waste bag for the dirt is also easy to empty when full. The independence of this machine makes it just amazing! – YongJie

The free product demo is a great idea

In the past, I have always had a problem choosing the best swimming pool cleaner and, this has seen me waste a lot of money on ineffective machines. So, when a colleague at work told me that Pool Connect Singapore offers free demo for Dolphin robotic swimming pool cleaners, I decided to give it a shot. Although it took only three hours, I was able to learn so much about the various models of Dolphin robotic swimming pools. The following day, I ordered one and it is so far the best swimming pool cleaning machine I have ever had. I wish other dealers could offer a similar service with other products too. – Pei Fen

The best prices for robotic swimming pool cleaners

Despite suggestions from my family to try out the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, I always avoided the discussion simply because I thought robotic swimming pool cleaners are high end and could only get one after saving for a couple of months. Last week, my wife brought home a quotation from Pool Connect Singapore and, I was surprised to find out that the product are even cheaper than I thought. We have only used the machine for a couple of days but, I am confident it offers greater value for money. My family can now enjoy a constantly clean pool, thank you! – Siva Kumar

No more stress in cleaning my pool

While using the manual swimming pool cleaner, I had to personally do rounds across the pool to inspect areas that need more focus when cleaning and also direct the machine. But, that is a thing of the past now that I have the Dolphin 2000. It is amazing how this machine independently scans the pool, scrubs the walls, floor and waterline. The other day, I simply placed the machine in the pool and continued to prepare lunch. In just about an hour, the pool was sparkling clean. To all pool owners out there, Dolphin is the ultimate fix for effective and more relaxed pool cleaning. – Hafizah

2 Years Warranty is impressive

One of the main reasons I would recommend Dolphin robotic pool cleaners is the 2 years warranty that the products come with. Unlike other dealers in Singapore, Pool Connect Singapore has the best interests of customers at heart. In fact, it only shows that the company bears all responsibility in making sure that customers have the best experience. I am happy about the plan because it gives me comfort that whenever I experience any hitch within the two years, there is always a place to run to for a solution. – Jason Wong

Very easy maintenance

I am just amazed at how cost-effective this equipment is. I think I am in love with the Dolphin M4 robotic pool cleaner that my son bought from your store. Apart from cleaning the filter cartridges and emptying the waste bag, there is very little maintenance required. I have been using the machine for seven months now without any maintenance and, the results are always great. It leaves my pool cleaning and enticing. Thank you Pool Connect Singapore. – Darryl Ang

Excellent customer service

Foremost, my wife and I are very grateful for the exceptional customer service that we received when purchasing Dolphin M5 from your store. We expected to be kept in line before being attended to but, your attendants were very quick, professional and friendly in how they handled us. We were able to freely shop and choose the right machine for our pool. And, even the delivery was done within the agreed timeline. Cheers! – Felicia and Tom

I would advise every pool owner to try Dolphin

After a lot of ups and downs choosing the best swimming pool cleaner for my home pool, your attendants suggested the Dolphin CL, which I bought and took home. Just as promised, the machine has never disappointed me. It is very easy to use, requires almost no maintenance, effective and also quite fast in swimming pool cleaning. Besides, its ability to efficiently clean the pool floor, walls and waterline makes it second to none when it comes to pool cleaning. I am happy to have made the right choice! – Manfred Lee

Affordable swimming pool cleaning

Over the years, I have always hired swimming pool cleaning services for the pools in my hotel and, one lesson I have learnt from all that is how expensive it is. Three months ago, my manager suggested we buy Dolphin robotic pool cleaners from Pool Connect Singapore on the argument that they require less manpower and are also very effective in pool cleaning. Since we started using the machines, we no longer hire pool cleaning services and our swimming pools are constantly sparkling. Buying Dolphin robotic pool cleaners is one of the best decisions I have made this year for my business. – Yi Ling

I am enjoying using this machine

Just bought the Liberty cordless robotic swimming pool cleaner from your store the other day and so far, I can confess it is a great innovation. I got the cleaner in the pool yesterday and it transformed my pool in a way that I still cannot believe. Despite the numerous features installed in my pool, the cleaner is able to easily maneuver its way across the pool, cleaning every inch without any interference. I am so happy I found this exceptional device, my pool can now stay clean all day and night. – Yusof

Great sales team

I have always had a bad experience with salesmen and women but, the team from Pool Connect Singapore just made me think differently about salespeople. I made an inquiry with your company for an ideal Dolphin robotic swimming pool cleaner for my home pool last week. Contrary to what I expected, your company sales team responded immediately and helped explain about various models for home pools. The interaction was quite good and I have already placed an order for Dolphin 2000, scheduled for delivery next month.  Keep it up guys!- Peter Poo

Excellent After Sales Service

I called your company two weeks ago regarding a Dolphin robot that I bought from you four months ago. The cleaner had a net bag caught inside during one cleaning operation, and did not work properly in the next cleaning cycle. I just want to thank you for the quick response and assistance. Your company responded immediately and sent a team to my home the following day to fix the hitch. On completion of the repairs, the technicians also gave me a few tips on how to solve minor issues with robotic pool cleaners. The work was done perfectly and my robot is now in great shape. Thanks a lot Pool Connect, you guys are the best! –Eddie Chua

This is so far the best swimming pool cleaner I have ever had

I have been using the swimming pool cleaner that my dad bought almost six years ago, and it has not been up to the task. Even with regular cleaning, you could easily spot signs of debris on the pool. Last month, I bought Dolphin M5 from your store and the results are just amazing. Unlike in the past when I spent hours cleaning the pool, now it takes me just an hour and a few minutes to complete the task. As if that is not enough, the machine is highly efficient, reliable and also very cost-effective. In fact, I would suggest Dolphin robotic pool cleaners to anyone seeking an ideal robot. – Melissa Chew

Great features, easy to operate

For such a small machine, I did not expect greater results. But, the experience that I have had with the Liberty Cordless robotic pool cleaner by Maytronics proves otherwise. The cleaner is small in size but enhanced with amazing features that makes it just the perfect swimming pool cleaner. The fact that the system of the cleaner is automated has enabled me to enjoy a clean pool with very little effort. After charging the battery and placing the machine in the pool, I can freely continue with other tasks without any worries about how my pool is being cleaned. Of all the pool cleaning robots that I have used, Dolphin is exceptional. I love it! – John Lim