Difference between Manual, Automatic and Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Shopping for swimming pool cleaners is an exercise that may seem quite simple to many but, it should be noted that the process requires careful thought and keen attention to detail. Considering there are various kinds and models of swimming pool cleaners in the market, you need to know a few basic concepts about each in order to make the best decision for an ideal pool cleaner.

Here’s information to help you choose the right swimming pool cleaner for your pool between manual, automatic and robotic swimming pool cleaner;

Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

This is the ultimate choice of a swimming pool cleaner that you need if you like to have the work done efficiently and effectively with the least effort. Robotic pool cleaners are automated and can be easily programmed to do all the work to perfection while you sit back and relax. In fact, these are the next level devices for both commercial and residential swimming pool cleaning.

Unlike manual or automatic pool cleaners, robotic pool cleaners are designed with advanced technologies and features that enable them to effectively work independently. They require less attention and are customized for all pool shapes, sizes and designs. Besides, robotic pool cleaners also reduce the need for chemical use in pool cleaning, thus, environmental-friendly and also affordable to operate.

Robots are built with their own filtration systems, which eliminate the need for pumping water. As a result of this, there is greater water saving and also reduced clogging in the filtration system. Robotic swimming pool cleaners also have individual smart technology that helps in proper scanning and brushing of pool floor, walls and waterline for the best results.

The cost of robotic swimming pool cleaners vary depending on the type or model that you need. However, you should expect a significant investment on one considering the numerous benefits and greater performance that is attached to robotic pool cleaners.

Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaners are second to robots, offering convenient pool cleaning with little effort. By using an automatic pool cleaner, you will not need to vacuum, brush or skim the swimming pool by yourself during cleaning. But, there are a few things you will need to put your hands on in order to get the work done. For instance, you will be required to personally fit the cleaner to the pool.

Automatic pool cleaners come in two main classes, suction-side and pressure-side cleaners. Suction-side pool cleaners are recommended for swimming pools that accumulate smaller particles and dust. Pressure-side cleaners on the other hand, use pressure to maneuver the walls and bottom of the pool when cleaning. They are suited for pools that experience larger deposits of debris, leaves, twigs and dirt.

Manual Swimming Pool Cleaner

Manual pool cleaners are efficient and the least costly. However, they usually take quite a longer time to complete the task, which could sometimes cause inconvenience. This type of swimming pool cleaner require much effort on your part in order to operate, which means you have to handle everything, including controlling the movement of the device around the pool.

A manual swimming pool cleaner is designed with a vacuum head that is fixed onto a telepole. The entire contraption system is linked to a skimmer chamber to facilitate the removal of dirt and debris from the pool. Generally, it is an ideal and cost-effective swimming pool cleaner, except, you will have to put in some work in order to attain the best results using it.

Which is the Best Swimming Pool Cleaner?

Going by the information given above, both manual, automatic a d robotic swimming pool cleaners are good. However, the most effective, efficient and reliable option that you should go for is a robotic swimming pool cleaner. Compared to the other two, robotic pool cleaners are designed with advanced cleaning technologies and features that can always deliver greater performance with the least effort and intervention.

Robotic swimming pool cleaners are available in a wide range of options to choose from for effective, eco-friendly and cost-effective pool cleaning. There are commercial, residential and cordless robotic swimming pool cleaners suited for all pool sizes and shapes. Besides, these classes of robotic pool cleaners are further segmented into various models, from which you can still choose the best for your pool.

Where to Buy High Quality Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner Singapore

The best quality robotic pool cleaner is the Dolphin brand, which is manufactured by Maytronics. And, the authorized dealer and distributor that can conveniently deliver the products is Pool Connect Singapore. Feel free to book an appointment with us for a free demo or make an inquiry about any Dolphin robotic pool cleaner.