Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaners FAQ

There are various kinds and models of residential, commercial and cordless automatic robotic swimming pool cleaners in the market to choose from. As a result of this, there are quite a number of questions that most pool owners are usually bothered with when shopping for the products. The following are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaners;

What is an automatic robotic pool cleaner?

An automatic robotic swimming pool cleaner is an independent machine used in cleaning swimming pools. The robot is designed with unique and advanced technologies to facilitate effective pool scanning and scrubbing of the pool wall, floor and waterline, leaving the pool fresh and sparkling clean for the best swimming experience. Most automatic robotic swimming pool cleaners are either square or round shaped. Read more about automatic robotic pool cleaners on our blog.

How does an automatic robotic swimming pool cleaner work?

The main idea behind robotic swimming pool cleaners is to enhance the effectiveness of the task with the least effort from the user. In fact, a robotic pool cleaner ensures that your pool is efficiently cleaned without having your hands dirty. Powered by electricity, the pool cleaner is simply connected to a power source and placed into the pool. However, cordless robotic pool cleaners come with their own batteries that can be charged and used without connecting the device to electricity.

Through its advanced scanning systems, an automatic pool cleaner will conduct a proper survey of the entire pool to set the stage for cleaning. Besides, it also has its own filtration system to ensure that debris and dust is eliminated from the water before it is pumped back in. The device has an in-built waste bag for holding the dirt and debris collected from the water. With the brushing system, the machine will then scrub the walls, floor and waterline to provide a safe environment for swimmers.

An automatic robotic pool cleaner is also equipped with a remote to make your work even much easier when it comes to operating the machine. From the remote, you can easily program the cleaner and let it do the work as you focus on other things.

Which is the best automatic robotic pool cleaner to buy?

There are varieties of automatic robotic pool cleaners to choose from. However, the best pick usually depends on a number of factors. Generally, robotic swimming pool cleaners can work in all pool shapes and sizes. But, it should be noted that there are a few disparities when it comes to where automatic robotic cleaners can be used. In case you have a home pool, the best automatic pool cleaner to go for is residential/ domestic robotic pool cleaner.

On the other hand, commercial robotic swimming pool cleaners are specifically designed for use in establishments like hotels, spas, clubs, schools, private and public swimming pools. You can also choose to acquire a cordless robotic swimming pool cleaner for a more relaxed and affordable pool cleaning.

Generally, the best automatic robotic pool cleaner is one that guarantees better performance, adaptability, convenience and cost-effective operation. An ideal automatic robotic pool cleaner should be able to meet your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Are there any requirements for buying automatic robotic pool cleaners?

The main requirement for buying an automatic robotic pool cleaner is that you should know about the available models including, their pros and cons. You can find out more information about the various kinds and models of automatic robotic pool cleaners on our blog. Besides, you can also simply book an appointment with us for a free demo of the best automatic robotic pool cleaners. In fact, this is the best way to finding reliable information regarding automated pool cleaners.

With proper knowledge about the range of available automatic robotic swimming pool cleaners, you will find it much easier choosing the right match for your pool. At Pool Robot Singapore, we can also help you in making the best choice when shopping for an automatic robotic swimming pool cleaner.

How much does it cost to buy an automated swimming pool cleaner?

The cost of an automatic robotic swimming pool cleaner usually depends on the model that you choose. By asking for quotations, you will be able to find accurate information about the costs of various kinds of robotic pool cleaners. There is a wide range of highly efficient and reliable robotic swimming pool cleaner models that can be obtained at affordable prices. Instead of the stress of asking for quotations from various dealers, simply talk to us.

Our company has Customer Care professionals to help you find the best automated robotic swimming pool cleaner for your budget quite easily. This will not only save you time but also assist with proper planning and budgeting for the machine.

What kinds of maintenance activities does an automated robotic pool cleaner require?

Generally, there is very little maintenance required for robotic swimming pool cleaners. Most of the maintenance activities are minor tasks like emptying the waste bag, cleaning the filters and cleaning moving parts to keep it in shape. These are tasks that you can easily do by yourself without hiring maintenance services. But, if you experience a problem that seems complicated, it is always advisable to contact us for professional help.

Whenever you buy an automatic robotic pool cleaner from Pool Robot Singapore, we always issue 2 years warranty. This means that you can always bring the machine to us for checking and fixing in case of any hitch within the two years period at no cost.

Why should I acquire an Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner and not any other type?

Automatic robotic pool cleaners are the best for cleaning both residential/ domestic and commercial pools of various shapes and sizes. In fact, there are numerous benefits of using robots over other types of swimming pool cleaners. The following are some of the main reasons to always choose an automatic robotic pool cleaner;

  • Can save you a lot of time and effort
  • Highly effective cleaning for pool walls, floor and waterline
  • Easier to use and maintain
  • Extends the lifespan of the pool by eliminating algae, bacteria and debris build up
  • Cost-effective in terms of operation and maintenance

For a high quality, efficient and affordable residential, commercial or cordless automatic robotic swimming pool cleaner Singapore, do not hesitate to talk to us.