How Does a Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner Work?

Cleaning a swimming pool is not a very pleasant task to most people but, it has to be regularly done in order to maintain the hygiene of the pool. And, that is one of the reasons a large number of pool owners still depend on hiring swimming pool cleaning services. However, you can now enjoy a more stress free, convenient and cost effective swimming pool cleaning by simply obtaining a robotic swimming pool cleaner.

Robotic swimming pool cleaners are automated, and this ensures that most of the work is done by the machine as you sit back and relax. Besides, they are also much faster in pool cleaning compared to manual pool cleaners or doing the tasks single-handedly. There are various kinds, brands and models of robotic swimming pool cleaners that you can acquire for use in a residential or commercial pool.

Despite the disparity in robotic swimming pool cleaner models, it should be noted that they share a lot with regards to design, construction and how they operate. Therefore, it is always important for you to have a clear picture of all these factors beforehand, in order to get the right robotic swimming pool cleaner, which suits your needs and budget.

Basic Guidelines on How a Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner Works

Generally, automated swimming pool cleaners can be classified into several categories but, the main ones are commercial, residential/ domestic and cordless robotic swimming pool cleaners. Apart from cordless robotic swimming pool cleaners that operate on rechargeable batteries, other robotic swimming pool cleaners run on electricity. However, their design ensures very low energy consumption estimated at an industry average of 24 volts.

Cordless robotic pool cleaners are in fact, the most efficient when it comes to energy consumption. They are designed with their own batteries that can support cleaning for several hours. In case the power runs out, the machine comes with a charger that you simply plug into the power. Within about three hours, the battery is fully charged and ready for use.

One of the key features of robotic swimming pool cleaners that have made them popular is their independence. This ensures that there is always very little effort required on your part whenever the robots are in use. The filtration system is among the key aspects of robotic swimming pool cleaners’ self-reliance. The pool cleaners do not depend on the filter of your swimming pool but, are equipped with filter cartridges placed in the vacuum.  Before water is ejected, it is passed through the filter area where all the dirt and debris are trapped.

The latest technologies have made it possible for many robotic swimming pool cleaners to operate on computer chips. However, there are also quite a number of models that are operated by remote control. Swimming pool cleaning robots that are remote controlled offers the option of either manual or automatic operation. The main idea is to make the task of pool cleaning faster, easier, effective and convenient.

Robotic swimming pool cleaners are also equipped with Dual Drive motors for greater performance on the pool. One of the motors is to facilitate the movement of the machine while the other is for suction to ensure that all dirt and debris is eliminated from the pool. Instead of inspecting the pool by yourself for dirt and debris, robotic swimming pool cleaner have their own scanning systems spanning across the entire pool.

Gyroscopic scanning system enables the cleaner to effectively scan through all the pool walls, floor and waterline. Besides, they are also enhanced with advanced pool brushing technologies to ensure thorough scrubbing for the best results. The brushing system is effective in not only fighting dirt and dust but also removing algae and bacteria from the walls, floor and waterline. With this, you will be able to significantly reduce the need for using chemicals in swimming pool cleaning, which further ensures water safety and affordability.

Despite the multiple tasks that can be accomplished by robotic swimming pool cleaners, they are quite easy to operate. In fact, you do not need an expert to run an automated swimming pool cleaner. The machine can always be programmed to do the cleaning independently as you relax or focus on other things. With basic training on how to operate the cleaner, you are good to go. This can be obtained from an authorized robotic swimming pool dealer and distributor. You can also simply book an appointment for a free home demo to learn how to operate an automated swimming pool cleaner.

Similar to other pool cleaning machines, robotic swimming pool cleaners also require maintenance. However, there is usually very little maintenance. In fact, most of the maintenance tasks are procedures that you can simply carryout on your own without necessarily hiring the services. In the event of a hitch that you are unable to solve, it is advisable to contact an authorized dealer for assistance.

Where to find the Best Quality Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Although there are several brands of robotic swimming pool cleaners in the market, Dolphin robotic swimming pool cleaner is an exceptional choice for most pool owners today. It has significantly gained popularity over the years mainly because of its ability to deliver highly efficient, reliable and cost effective pool cleaning.

Dolphin robotic swimming pool cleaners are designed and developed by Maytronics, which is one of the leading companies in the industry. The design of Dolphin robots integrates advanced technologies with proven efficiency so every pool owner is able to enjoy a constantly clean pool with the least effort and intervention. These robotic swimming pool cleaners are available in diverse models to address all pool types, shapes and sizes.

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