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Cleaning swimming pools in business establishments is not usually an easy task and, that is why most people hire pool cleaning services, which is very expensive and could also be ineffective. But, why take such risks when you can easily get the most effective and economical results with the Commercial Robotic Dolphin Swimming Pool Cleaner. This is the perfect choice for cleaning pools in establishments like clubs, hotels, spas, schools, private and public swimming pools.

By obtaining a commercial robotic pool cleaner, you will find out that the task is conducted more effectively, efficiently and affordably with a guarantee of impeccable results. And since these pool cleaning robots are automated, the cleaning is also made easier and takes a very short time, thereby helping you avoid inconveniencing pool users and also save time. In fact, there is so much more that you can achieve by purchasing a Dolphin commercial robotic pool cleaner from Pool Robot Singapore.

Key Features of Commercial Robotic Dolphin Swimming Pool Cleaner

Many commercial pool owners usually fail to recognize the fact that you can only get the right automated pool cleaner if you properly know its parts, components, accessories as well as how it works. Commercial robotic pool cleaners are designed with an array of features that both work hand in hand to ensure that the pool is left with a sparkling appeal for the best swimming experience. And, there is nothing complicated about knowing these features.

The following are the key features of Dolphin commercial robotic pool cleaners;

Gyroscope System

Commercial automated robotic pool cleaners that we deal in and supply are enhanced with advanced gyroscope system to ensure that all the walls, floor and waterline of the pool are accurately scanned and systematically covered during the cleaning process. As a result of this, you do not have to manually inspect every corner of the pool during cleaning. For even a more enhanced scanning, the cleaner is also designed with Cleverclean system. All these technologies are a result of many years’ research and proven effective in pool cleaning.

Pool Floor, Waterline and Wall Cleaning

Cleaning a pool must always touch on not only particular sections or parts. In order to keep your pool water fresh and hygienic, the process must be comprehensive. Commercial pools are usually used almost daily by different people, and this means that you should conduct regular and extensive cleaning to keep them in the best condition. Commercial robotic pool cleaners are customized with advanced technologies to thoroughly brush the floor, walls and waterline of your pool, thereby eliminating all dust, debris, bacteria and algae for water safety.

High Capacity Pool Filtration

Filtration is an important process that must always be conducted when cleaning a pool and, the best way to ensure that it is correctly done is through a commercial robotic pool cleaner. The ultra-fine pool filtration effectively captures all forms of dust, dirt and debris. As a result of this, your pool is accorded a clean and hygienic water. In fact, every model of commercial robotic pool cleaner is designed to deliver dual-level filtration porosity.

User Friendly

The Dolphin brand of Commercial robotic pool cleaners are also quite easier and simple to operate since they are fully automated. In fact, there is no training required for you to operate the device except, the basics that we can take you through during our free product demos. The pool cleaners are basically plug and play. Besides, they are also enhanced with optional parameters for a wide range of pools.

In terms of maintenance, Dolphin robotic pool cleaners require very little, which are usually Do It Yourself. However, you can still talk to us for help with automated pool cleaner maintenance. With a commercial robotic pool cleaner by Maytronics, you do not have to hire an expert to do the cleaning as the device can be easily operated even by other workers, which makes it very economical too.

Dolphin commercial robotic pool cleaners are also remote controlled, offering users the option of manual or automated operation. Despite the option that you choose to operate the robot, there is always very little effort on your part.

Models of Commercial Robotic Dolphin Swimming Pool Cleaner

In order to cater for the diverse swimming pool cleaning needs of pool owners, we stock various models. Although commercial automated pool cleaners share a wide range of features, it should be noted that these features usually vary from one model to another. Therefore, it is important that you are very keen when shopping in order to get the perfect fit for your pool.

The Dolphin brand of commercial robotic pool cleaners that we distribute are categorized in two main families; Classic and Pro.


Under the Classic Commercial Robotic Dolphin Swimming Pool Cleaner family, you can choose between the W20, 3001, Prox2 and 2X2.


This category includes, Wave 30, Wave 50, Wave100, Wave200 and Wave 300 XL, which are all suited for cleaning commercial pools.

Why Buy Commercial Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner from Pool Conect Singapore

The significant increase in the number of dealers and suppliers of automated pool cleaners in Singapore has made it very hard for many pool owners to get the best commercial robotic pool cleaners. However, you can now forget such disappointments because at Pool Robot Singapore, we are the authorized dealer and distributor of high quality and affordable Dolphin Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners, which can always be delivered at your own convenience anywhere in Singapore. The following are more reasons to always choose Dolphin commercial robotic pool cleaners from our company;

Innovative commercial robotic pool cleaners

All the Dolphin commercial robotic pool cleaners that we stock are manufactured by Maytronics, proven and tested for greater performance. The design of these automated pool cleaners incorporates advanced technologies for cutting edge pool cleaning results.

Economical commercial robotic pool cleaning options

Our commercial robotic pool cleaners are also highly efficient when it comes to energy consumption and costs of operation. Besides, they require little DIY maintenance activities. All our products are affordable and come with 2 years warranty.

Free Product demonstrations

Even if you may not be planning to acquire a Dolphin commercial robotic pool cleaner immediately, you can still schedule an appointment with us for a free demo or visit our blog for more information about the various models and how robotic pool cleaners work.

For inquiries about Dolphin Commercial, Residential/ Domestic or Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner Singapore, do not hesitate to contact us!

Commercial Pool Cleaner Brochure

Commercial Pool Cleaner Brochure
Commercial Pool Cleaner Brochure

Download a free copy of the Commercial Pool Cleaner Brochure here. Check out the different Commercial Pool Cleaner’s product description, features,  and specification that we are offering inside the soft-copy. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or ask for a free product demonstration!