Advantages of an Automatic Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Unlike manual or suction pool cleaners, automatic robotic swimming pool cleaners have numerous advantages, which give them an upper hand in the market. In fact, automated pool cleaners are becoming the number one choice for most pool owners today in Singapore as well as other parts of the world. Robotic swimming pool cleaners take pride in offering highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective pool cleaning.

There is so much that an automatic robotic swimming pool cleaner can do to make your life much easier and simpler when it comes to residential or commercial pool cleaning. They are designed to work independently with a guarantee of the best results in every cleaning exercise. The following are some of the key advantages of an automatic robotic swimming pool cleaner;

Effortless way to clean your swimming pool

When using an automated robotic swimming pool cleaner, the work is made very simple since you only have to set up the device and sit back as it does the job. The robot is enhanced with advanced program features that you can simply set to regulate its cleaning operations within the pool. Almost all robotic swimming pool cleaners also come with remote control features, which means you can choose between manual or automatic operation for the one that you have.

Swimming pool cleaning robots are automated, and this ensures that they are able to maneuver even large-sized pools within a shorter period of time. This means using one is a great way of saving time and avoiding inconvenience to the pool users. In fact, you can even set the device to do the cleaning as you go on with other activities.

Innovative design for effective and efficient pool cleaning

Automatic robotic swimming pool cleaners are designed from many years of research and testing. They incorporate a wide range of technologies aimed at making the work effective, easier and fast. These technologies are brought out in the various features of the robotic pool cleaners and usually vary from one to another. However, there are key features that span across a majority of automatic robotic swimming pool cleaner types and models.

Robotic swimming pool cleaners are built with a brushing system to properly scrub off dust, dirt, algae and bacteria from the pool floor, walls and waterline, leaving your water fresh and hygienic. The cleaner is designed with a scanning system to comprehensively inspect the pool’s floor, wall and waterline for proper cleaning. As a result of this, you do not have to manually inspect the pool for dust and debris particles before or after cleaning.

Robotic swimming pool cleaners also have their own filtration systems, which do not rely on the pool pump in order to operate. Besides, the design also incorporates smart technology to ensure that the process is eco-friendly for water safety. As a result of this, you will also be able to experience a reduction in the use of chemicals for swimming pool cleaning.

Cost effective in terms of operation and maintenance

Another reason to always choose an automatic robotic swimming pool cleaner is, it is very affordable to maintain and run. Owing to the advanced technologies applied in the design of robotic pool cleaners, they are energy efficient and can go a long way in keeping your energy costs on the low even when used regularly. In case you are too sensitive about energy consumption, there is the Cordless robotic swimming pool cleaner that is designed with its own rechargeable battery.

When it comes to maintenance, automatic robotic swimming pool cleaners require very little. In fact, most of the maintenance procedures are DIY, which means you can always conduct them individually without necessarily hiring a professional for the services. Whether you choose a commercial, residential or cordless robotic swimming pool cleaner, there is always no doubt you will experience efficient pool cleaning at the least costs.

Easy to use

Automatic robotic swimming pool cleaners do not require a professional to operate them. Their simple but,  advanced design enables them to deliver greater performance with no chances for intervention. In fact, there is no training required in order for one to use a robotic pool cleaner except a few basic instructions. The best way to easily find out more about various kinds of robotic swimming pool cleaners and how they operate is undertaking a free product demo.

Where to Buy High Quality Automatic Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

In case you are planning to buy an automatic robotic swimming pool cleaner in Singapore, simply talk to us at Pool Connect Singapore. Besides, you can also book an appointment with us for a free home demo of any Dolphin commercial, residential/ domestic or cordless robotic swimming pool cleaner.