Buyers Guide to Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner in Singapore

In case you own a pool in your home or commercial establishment, cleaning is one of the most essential responsibilities that you have to meet almost on a regular basis. Constant and effective swimming pool cleaning is recommended to keep the water sparkling and maintain proper pool hygiene. Considering the amount of effort and time involved in cleaning a swimming pool manually, you need a more efficient tool for the job. And, that is where a robotic swimming pool cleaner comes in.

Buying a robotic swimming pool cleaner should be very different from other common commodities like groceries. In fact, a lot of attention to detail is required on your part in order to come up with the right pick for cleaning your swimming pool. There are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for a robotic swimming pool cleaner to help with informed decision making.

The following guidelines will assist you in choosing the best robotic swimming pool cleaner to buy;

Compare various types of robotic swimming pool cleaners

Robotic swimming pool cleaners come in diverse designs that you can choose from depending on your expectations and budget. Basically, the main types of robotic swimming pools are residential/ domestic and commercial robotic swimming pool cleaners. Besides, you can also opt for cordless robotic swimming pool cleaners.

As the names suggest, residential/ domestic robotic swimming pool cleaners are mainly designed for use in homes or small to medium sized pools. Commercial automated pool cleaners on the other hand, are heavy duty and ideal for pools in larger establishments like clubs, hotels, spas, schools among others.

Look into the features

Features are the main pointers that can show you whether a particular robotic swimming pool is suited for your pool. Some of the key features of robotic swimming pools include; advanced pool scanning systems, thorough brushing technologies for pool wall, floor and waterline, remote control, independent filtration system among others. However, it should be noted that these features vary from one model to another.

Generally, the best robotic swimming pool cleaner to buy should be enhanced with features that guarantee effective and efficient performance. It should be well-designed to cater for proper swimming pool scanning and cleaning with the least intervention. An ideal pool cleaning robot should make the task more convenient, easier and fast.

Still on the features, it is also important to consider buying a robotic swimming pool that is adjustable. Remember there are some types of automated pool cleaners that are designed for particular pool sizes, which could sometimes limit you from getting the most out of them. Therefore, try to find one that can easily cope with different pool sizes and shapes for convenience.

Hose length is also another feature that you should look into when buying a robotic swimming pool cleaner. It is advisable to acquire a robot with a hose that is long enough to fit your swimming pool. For a cordless robotic pool cleaner, the hose is not included since the machine is self-powered.

Ask for Quotations

The cost of buying a robotic swimming pool cleaner is a major point of concern to most people when shopping for these gadgets. However, this scare is usually caused by hearsay. The best way to determining the cost of an ideal robotic swimming pool cleaner is obtaining a free quote from an authorized dealer. The prices of robotic swimming pools vary from one type, model and brand. Therefore, there is not a particular price range that can be placed on the products.

After choosing the preferable models of robotic swimming pool cleaners with the desired features, you can now ask for quotations. Quotations provide detailed information regarding the prices and all components of the robotic cleaner. Generally, a quotation will be able to tell you all about how much it will cost to acquire a particular type or model of a robotic swimming pool cleaner. The best robotic swimming pool cleaner is not always the most expensive but, simply go for something that guarantees better performance and suits your budget.

Always buy a Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner from an Authorized Dealer Singapore

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